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Fab Phonics version 1.0 released

Fab Phonics version 1 has now been released, and is available on the Apple app store, Google Play and the Amazon app store. It has been built with the aid of local teachers and aims to get children learning their sounds, and specifically how to blend them into words.

For those who find that the accent is not to their liking it is even possible to record the words and sounds used in the app yourself so that you hear it in your own voice.

I hope that this will really help kids get that start they need with learning to read.

Peter Allday

AlldayApps now running full-time

After 5 years of running AlldayApps in the time outside my day job I have finally taken the plunge and am working on AlldayApps full time.

This should mean that new versions of Apps come out more frequently, as well as lots of completely new apps. I currently have ideas for about 20 apps that I would like to write, I’m not sure how many of them will make it off the drawing board, but only time will tell.

The first one out will be “You’re the Best”, which is a nice little encouragement app, and which should be available for iOS and Android in about a week.

Recipe Costing calculator version 2 due out soon

Just a quick post to let people know that version 2 of the Recipe costing calculator app will be due out shortly.  

This new version offers many new features including

  • Stock control of ingredients
  • Shopping list creation
  • Report generation for stock and recipes
  • Searching of ingredients
  • Changing ingredient names

I hope that these enhancements will come in useful.  I would like to thank Hubert, Andrea and Crystal for their contributions.

I still have a few more features as suggested by Michael, which I aim to add in to a future release.