Fab Phonics

For full details on the Fab Phonics app please visit the Fab phonics page on the Allday Apps Educational site.

Fab Phonics is that app that you need to help your children learn to read their phonics in a fun way.

Fab Phonics haFab Phonics menus been designed with primary school teachers to help give your children the best possible start when learning how to read. It combines learning sounds and words while earning point which enable them to play games.

If you don’t like the accents of the voices that comes with the app you can record your own

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 11 Aug 2015 12.30.40The app comes initially with two phonics packs (one male and one female), but also provides the ability to record your own audio, so if you want to hav
e an accent that is different to those provided you can record your own phonics and words and use these instead. Your phonics packs can also be shared with others via email or file sharing apps such as DropBox to enable schools etc to provide ones that they are happy with for all families to download.

You can track the progress of each child to see how they are doing

FPhonics gamesab Phonics can be used either for a single pupil, or for multiple pupils. It allows you to track the progress of each pupil, to see how far they have moved through the phonics
and words. You are also able to export a progress file that can be read into excel that will show the progress of all of the pupils.

The app will cover all of the phonics currently required by the UK government for children to enable them to pass their phonics assessment.

Turning weaknesses into strengths

When the app detects that a child has a problem with a certain phonic then it will reinforce that phonic by scheduling it more quickly so that they can really get to know it well.

Fab Phonics – now available on Apple App store, Google Play store and Amazon app store

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