Spy Gizmos

512iconSpy Gizmos gives you five spy gizmos that help you to become the perfect spy.

Firstly there is the secret message encoder/decoder.

Your friends will receive the message as a link which will automatically open in the app and decoder. This allows youto type in your message, pick the encoding cipher of your choice and then allows you to send you message via email or sms.

The second utility gives you the option to encode your message (either encrypted or not) into morse code, which you can then send* to your fellow agents via light or sound.

When they then reply you can enter in the morse code and see what they say in return.

The third utility gives you the ability to keep track of your friends and foes alike.  You can import contacts, record their skills, weapon expertise, as well as their agent name and comms details.

The fourth utility gives you access to a range of weapon sounds,

these include pistol, laser, rifle*, heavy machine gun* and finally when you just want to end them once and for all a rocket*.

The final utility is a motion detector.

Leave your spy device in a secret location and it will record all the people who enter or leave the area. Photos are stored* in you photo album which you can access to see who has entered the target area.

With the aid of these Spy Gizmos you will become a top agent, able to perform any secret mission.

*available extra via in-app purchase.

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