PreO – The Preorder Manager

PreO is an app that helps you to manage pre-orders. It’s really simple to use, all you need to do is set up your Suppliers, and the items that you are selling, and then when the orders come in you can just add them for each customer.

You can use PreO to create an order form which you can email out to people, or print, send updated orders to your suppliers, print packing lists for when you are ready to deliver and print or email receipts for your customers.


When you first open PreO you will need to add your Suppliers.

If there are no suppliers, then just enter yourself as the supplier. One you have your Suppliers added you can then add the items that you have for sale.

For each item you enter its name, and its price and the supplier. You can also enter a group number. The group number determines how the items are listed both within the app and when you print out/email the order form. If you want to change the order within a group then you can use numbers such as 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 to give them an exact order, otherwise they will be ordered alphabetically.

If you select the order form button you can choose to either email or print the items along with their prices. There will be a small gap between each group number.

Now that you have the items set up you can start to take orders.

On the Orders tab you first add a customer by pressing the Add customer button in the top right.

Then enter the customers name, and optionally their email address.

Then press the add item button and select the item from the list and the quantity. This will add the items that they have ordered to their list and show you what they owe.

When a customer pays you, you can press the paid button and it will mark that customer as paid. Also when you pay you are given the option to send or print an invoice for them. You can also do this at any time from the customer screen.

When you have orders you can send the list of current orders to the supplier using the button on the suppliers screen. You can also see at a glance what has been ordered from them.

On the orders tab you can also print the packing list, which will print out for each person what they have ordered and what they owe.

If you have any questions, or feature requests then please feel free to contact me using the contact page.

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