Script Recorder

icon40Script Recorder is an app designed as part of the LineLearner family of apps for those people who want to create LineLearner scripts from single long recordings.

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Script Recorder gives you more power and flexibility when creating scripts compared with LineLearner, and is done with the following 7 steps.

  1. Create the script. On the script list create a new script.
  2. Add the characters to the script. Once your script is created then go in and add the characters that are in it to the script.
  3. Record or load the audio recording of the script. A good example here is to record an early read through of the script.
  4. Allocate the lines to different actors. You can play through the different audio files and allocate each line to an actor. You also have the ability to fine tune the in and out points for each line, and can hear just the first or last few seconds of the line to check that you have timed it perfectly.
  5. Generate the script. At a touch of a button you can then generate the whole of the script.
  6. Give improved line names. One new feature of Script Recorder is the ability to put the first few words in a line as the line name. This can be automatically done using Siri, though be warned it does depend on Siri’s ability to understand any accents that you are doing.
  7. Export the script. You can then export the script straight into LineLearner ready to learn lines.

If while you are learning lines you find that you made a few mistakes then it is easy to just make a change and re-export the script again.

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