Stage Sounds

This app is designed for small groups/drama companies that want to have some sound effects and music in their productions, but don’t have a sound professional, or expensive sound equipment. You can just link your iPhone, iPad or Mac up to some speakers and then use the Stage Sounds app to control your music.


Creating a show

Press the + button in the top right corner of the show list screen, and then enter the name of the show.

Tap on the name of the show to get to the sounds screen

Then press the + button to add music/sound

  • The button name is the name that will appear on the button
  • The details/prompt is shown next to the button, and is used to tell the sound person when to press the button
  • The button colour is the colour of the button, and also of the bar, which will change colour when the button is pressed to show which ones are playing
  • The loop option will loop the audio file or playlist
  • The volume control is used to select the playback volume of the sound

Different types of sound

You can have 2 sounds playing at any one time. These will consist of one ‘normal’ sound and one ‘FX’ (Special FX) sound or Local file.

Normal sounds/music can be selected either as individual tracks from the Music app, or as whole playlists. I personally prefer to set up a playlist even if it is a single track, as that makes it easier to select.

If the is FX switch is selected then that will also load either a playlist or an individual track from the music app.

If you have a separate file that you have downloaded or created that is not in your music app, then you can place it in your Files app, and select it using the Local file option. This will then allow you to browse your local files and select it there.

So, if you had some background music, then you could play that as a normal sound, and then if there was other sounds, e.g. Gunshot or Thunder then you could have that as a FX or Local sound.

When a sound is playing then the bar that the sound is on lights up so you can see which one is playing. If you tap a playing sound again it will stop it.

To edit a sound button, just tap the Edit button at the top of the screen, and then the edit button next to the button you wish to edit. Sounds can’t be played when in edit mode.

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