WorkTracker by Allday Apps Limited.

The new way to track building projects.

Why do you need WorkTracker?

Do you know why your projects take longer than expected?

Do you spend hours each week tracking timesheets?

Would you like to have better tracking of project costs, holidays and staff assignments?

How important to your business growth is accurately planning new projects, resources, sub-contractors and equipment requirements?

With WorkTracker you can see the best time to schedule a job, work out who should be assigned and accurately track the time that your team are spending on it.

‘WorkTracker is key to the success of every project we do’

Martin Sewell Ltd

What can WorkTracker do for you?

WorkTracker can help you to plan what needs doing and also to track how long your team are taking to get things done.

The Manager app allows you to schedule projects and assign your team members, giving you an up to date view of who is working on which project. Using the Team member app, your team are able to see where they should be on any day and the project they are working on.

Team members can complete their timesheets as soon as they finish a task using the categories that you have chosen. This helps you to see if they are completing tasks in the time you expect, and gives you early warning of any potential problems.

WorkTracker also aids communication throughout your organisation, allowing you to communicate with your team, and giving the managers a chance to share some of the teams successes too.

Main features

  • Schedule projects, tasks, equipment and sub-contractors
  • Complete and submit timesheets remotely
  • Book and approve holiday
  • Send notices, memos and newsletters to team members


  • You can view the big picture up to a year ahead, working out the best time to schedule a project.
  • Managers can set up projects, giving them a code and assigning a manager and start date.
  • You can track planned end date taking into account any slippage.
  • Project details including address, contact details and location can be stored. These provide easy access to project information for the team.
  • On the project detail view you can schedule in sub-contractors as well as seeing which of your team are due to be working on the project and when.

‘We just love WorkTracker, it has saved us so much time across the whole company’

Martin Sewell Ltd

Labour Schedule

  • You are able to schedule work for up to three months in advance.
  • Team members can be assigned to projects using the easy-to-use interface.
  • When a team member is moved between projects, they will receive a notification that the schedule has changed.
  • Holidays and time off are automatically tracked.
  • Team members can see which projects they have been allocated to, with the location, and can also see the projects allocated to other team members.
  • Equipment and vehicles can be assigned to projects and tracked.


  • Team members book time against a project, giving the category and the task that they are working on, together with the time taken.
  • Managers can set the categories that team members can book time to, and can identify the tasks in each category.
  • Timesheet entries are added to the timesheet, which can be submitted when complete.
  • Managers approve timesheets for the team members who have been working on their projects.
  • Where a team member has worked on more than one project in a day, the timesheet is approved by the manager who has had the most time allocated to their projects.
  • All the information captured can be downloaded into Microsoft all of the information captured.

Keeping up to date

  • Changes made by users in WorkTracker are automatically sent to everyone affected.
  • Team members will receive a notification whenever they receive memos, newsletters or a change to their schedule.
  • Managers can post photos and updates of the projects to the noticeboard so that everyone can see how things are progressing.


  • Team members can book their holidays using the app for full or half days.
  • Managers are notified about holiday requests.  As soon as the manager approves or rejects the holiday request, the team member is notified.
  • Approved holidays are entered into the schedule for that team member.
  • Team members and managers can see how much holiday each team member has taken, as well as the remaining holiday for this year and next year.

Memos & Noticeboard

  • Managers can send memos and notices to the team.
  • To aid inter-team communication, managers are able to see memos sent by other managers unless it has been marked as private.
  • Memos can be marked as requiring a reply.  In this case, a team member will see that the memo needs a reply.  However, any memo can be replied to.
  • Photos and messages can be posted on the noticeboard for all to see.

‘Team communication has been transformed by WorkTracker’

Martin Sewell Ltd


  • Managers and admin users can upload newsletters in PDF format.  These can be downloaded by all team members.
  • Team members are notified when a new newsletter is available.


WorkTracker provides access to your information wherever you are via apps for mobile devices.

  • The Manager app is available for iPad and iPhone devices.
  • The Team member app is available for iPhone and Android devices.  It can also be run via a web browser for team members without a compatible phone.
  • WorkTracker is available as a B2B app, and can be hosted internally to your company, or on the web.



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