Web app development

As well as mobile applications Allday Apps also has a small team that work on creating data backed websites, some with linked mobile applications.

Examples of these include:-


Worktracker is a web application designed for builders to allow them to allocate their resources (both team members and equipment) to different projects. The managers can get an overview of resourcing over the next 3 months, and team members can see on a daily basis which project they are working on, the details of the project and who they are working with.

Worktracker also has the ability to plan the expenditure on both labour and materials for the different projects and to create invoices to send to the customer. As part of the financial section it can track retention,  CIS and VAT.

Wynkcoombe Arboretum

Wyncoombe Arboretum is a small Arboretum in Fittleworth, West Sussex which contains around 600 trees that have come from all over the world. We have worked with the owners of the Arboretum to allocate the trees a QR tag and create a web site so that visitors can scan the trees with their mobile phones and view the details of the trees on their phones. The owners are also able to set up trails for the Arboretum for visitors to follow based on different themes, eg certain types of tree, or Easter egg hunts.


Working with the NHS we developed an online training course for Doctors on the subject of addiction to medication. This course teaches doctors what to look out for and how best to handle addictions that they find in their patients who are addicted to medication that they have obtained through non-standard means.

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