Audition Pro

Have you ever needed to record an audition video but not had anyone to play the other parts. Well, now you don’t need anyone else. By using Audition Pro you can record the audio of all the parts for the audition and then video yourself interacting with, er, well yourself.
You can either set it up so that you say your parts in the time allowed, or by using a small remote you can let it know when to move onto the next line.
Audition Pro works alongside LineLearner so that you can use LineLearner to learn your lines, and then import them straight into Audition Pro to record the video.
It’s also great if you want to interview yourself, and you can even change the pitch of the other characters so they don’t sound so much like you.

View the Quick Start Guide to Audition Pro.

or see the Audition Pro Controls Guide for more detailed instructions.


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