New version of LineLearner for Apple and Android is now finished and in the App stores.

The new version has lots of great features, especially around sharing scripts between fellow actors, and hopefully adds lots of other useful features too.

I wrote LineLearner because although I have a great love for amateur dramatics, I have a bad memory and have always found it difficult to learn lines.  For a play a few years ago I decided that I would try to learn lines in the same way as you learn songs, i.e. constant repetition and singing (or speaking in this case) along.  I recorded two versions of my lines onto a CD, one with both sets of parts, and one with just the other parts.  I played the first set back until I was familiar with my lines, and then the second, filling my lines in the gap.  It worked really well and I was able to memorize all my lines in a week. The downside was that it was a lot of effort.  So, ready for my next play LineLearner was born.

I have since used it for a number of productions, and found it works really well.  I hope that you find it a useful tool in learning your lines too.

LineLearner can help you to memorise your lines whether you are in a play, film, tv series, or just have to learn a speech. The one thing that you will find with it is that you will learn your lines really quickly.

LineLearner is currently available for both Apple and Android devices.  Due to the wide variation in Android phones I have been unable to test it on all models, so if you have any issues with the app then please let me know and I will fix them as soon as I can.

LineLearner lite, available on iOS allows you to try it out before you buy. It works in the same way as the full version, but you are limited to only 10 lines. 

If you have Android you have the option to return the app if you don’t like it shortly after purchase.



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