Recipe Costing Calculator instructions

Instructions for using the Recipe Costing Calculator v3.8

When you start using the app the first thing that you have to do is to add in your ingredients.  Without ingredients you can’t make any recipes.

Note: New in 3.8 is the ability to load ingredients from a CSV file. See instructions here on importing an Ingredients CSV.

Adding Ingredients

  1. Go to the ingredients screen by pressing on the Ingredients
    Adding ingredients
    Adding ingredients



  2. Enter the name of the ingredient, the cost in your local currency and the quantity you buy.
  3. Press Add Ingredient.
  4. Repeat this for all of your ingredients
  5. If you need to delete an ingredient then select the delete sign on the left, and then press the delete button on the right.

Note: You can quickly add similar ingredients by selecting on, and then changing the name. If you want to change the name of an ingredient then press and hold on the name of the ingredient in the list, and the name will be replaced by an edit box which will allow you to change the name.

Adding recipes

As of version 2.3 tax can now included in the recipe. You only need to enter the tax once, as it is assumed that the tax will be the same throughout.

Adding a recipe
Adding a recipe
  1. From the Recipes page click New Recipe
  2. Enter the Recipe Name
  3. Enter the number of servings that the recipe makes
  4. Optionally enter the Markup percentage that you want to charge for the recipe
  5. Pick the ingredient from the list and enter the quantity of each ingredient that you use and the appropriate units.
  6. Repeat step 5 until you have all of the ingredients required for the recipe.
  7. If you need to delete an ingredient then select the delete sign on the left, and then press the delete button on the right.

Note: You can use the ingredients search to more quickly find the ingredient that you are looking for.

Editing Recipes

To edit a recipe just select the recipe that you want to edit from the Recipes page.  It will take you to the Recipe editing page with that recipe selected.

Stock levels

Stock levels and accuracy
Stock levels and accuracy

It is possible to keep track of the stock levels of your ingredients. To do this go to the Stock & accuracy page which is accessible from the Ingredients page.

Updating the stock levels of an ingredient can be done in three ways as follows:

  1. Press the +/- button on the row of the stock item that you wish to update.  This will increase or decrease the amount of stock by 1.
  2. Select the ingredient that you wish to update the stock level of, and then edit the Quantity in stock and the Units.
  3. Stock for a number of different ingredients can be reduced in one go if you have made a recipe.  To do this select the Quantity of the recipe that you have made, and then use Select Recipe to select which recipe it was. Then press Reduce Stock to reduce your stock levels by the amount required to make the quantity number of the selected recipe.

Increasing costing accuracy

There are two occasions where the accuracy of the costing will not be exact.  These are:

  • When using Volume measures (eg Cups) for ingredients bought by weight (e.g. Flour)
  • When using Volume or Weight measures for ingredients bought by units (e.g. Apples/eggs)

In order to overcome the inaccuracy you can specify the exact weight of a volume measure, or of a single unit.

Specifying the weight of a Cup of ingredient

To specify the weight of a cup of an ingredient follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Stock & accuracy page
  2. Select the ingredient you wish to enter the weight for.  You will only be able to do this for ingredients where they are purchased by weight.
  3. Select the cup type (Metric/Imperial/US)
  4. Select the weight.
  5. Select the units of the weight (lbs/oz/Kg/g)
  6. Press Update

The weight of the cup amount will now be displayed on the ingredient row.

Specifying the weight of a single unit

If you purchased ingredients in single units then you can specify the weight of a single unit as follows:

  1. Go to the Stock & accuracy page
  2. Select the ingredient you wish to enter the weight for.
  3. Select the weight.
  4. Select the units of the weight (lbs/oz/Kg/g)
  5. Press Update

The weight of the ingredient will now be displayed on the ingredient row.


Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 15.53.10Reports can be access from the Reports button at the bottom of the Recipes page.

Selecting the Reports button will bring up two options, Shopping List and Export data

Shopping List

The shopping list allows you to select a number of recipes, and the quantity of each recipe that you wish to make, and it will then create a shopping list of the ingredients that you will need to buy.

Shopping list
Shopping list

The Recipe/Ingredients switch will allow you to toggle between looking at the list and quantity of the recipes that you are planning to make, and the list of ingredients that are required.

There is also a Use stock ingredients switch (dark is YES) that means that if you have those ingredients already in stock it will use what you have in stock before adding any ingredients to your shopping list.

Once you have created the shopping list you can either email it to someone, or Print it if you have an accessible printer.

Export data
Export data
Export data

The Export data option allows you to export either of the following in CSV format (which is suitable for loading into a spreadsheet).

  • Stock report
  • Selected recipes

the Stock Report contains the following information:

  • Ingredient name
  • Stock level

To Export selected recipes you first need to select the recipes from the list that you wish to export.  These will be marked with a tick and the work Export to show that they are going to be exported.

Two files will be produced, containing the following information:


  • Recipe name
  • Total cost
  • Total price
  • Markup percentage
  • Number of servings
  • Portion cost
  • Portion price


  • Recipe name
  • Ingredient name
  • ingredient amount
  • ingredient cost

In both cases the files can be emailed to a recipient.

Create ReceiptScreen Shot 2015-12-16 at 15.56.40

You can create a receipt by hitting the create receipt button.  This will take you to a screen where you can choose the recipes that they are purchasing, as well as the number of portions. You can enter a discount % and Tax % and then press the print button to print the receipt to an AirPrint compatible printer.

If you do not enter a discount % then it is assumed that there is no discount, and the discount row and corresponding sub-total will be omitted from the receipt.

Print Recipe

If you select the Print recipe option you can print one of your recipes. When the page open you first get the option to enter the name you want to see at the top of the page, for example this may be your company name. You can also enter any company logo that you want to have alongside it in the top left corner.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 16.08.05Once you have entered these you can now select the recipe that you want to print. When you hit the print button it will print off a sheet (or more than one if it is a long recipe) with the logo in the top left, the company name, then underneath that it will say how many it servers if you have provided that information. Below that will be the list of ingredients, and finally will be the method if you have provided one.

Any photos that you have taken of the recipe will be printed down the right hand side.


You can use the import function to import recipes or ingredients. Recipes are only able to import recipes that have been exported from Recipe Costing Calculator, but ingredients can import either list of ingredients that have been exported from the app, or alternative a spreadsheet of ingredients.

When you are importing ingredients you can select to either copy duplicate ingredients, or replace them.

More information about importing a CSV file of ingredients can be found here.

If you find that there is other functionality that you would like to see in the product them please let me know.

You can download a PDF of the above instructions here.

23 thoughts on “Recipe Costing Calculator instructions”

  1. Great app – thanks for putting it out there. Is there a way to duplicate a recipe so as to more quickly create a new but similar recipe?

  2. Is there any way to move the information I have put on my app to another iPad? I wish to share the costing information I’ve assembled with a client of mine so that they can continue using the app themselves.

    1. Just to let you know I have now posted an update to the app to the app store, so once it has been reviewed (1-2 weeks) you will have this feature.

  3. Great – thanks for updating and replying here. I look forward to getting the update when Apple oks it.

    1. Unfortunately the app is only available for the iPad because of the screen size that is currently required to display all of the information. At some point I hope to look to see if I can change the screen design so it works on an iPhone, but I am not sure when I will get a chance to do that.

      Best regards


  4. There still seems to be no way to use the data from one device to another. This is such an amazing app and this one functionality makes it not very good. Please do something about it.

    1. To copy your recipes to the new device do the following.

      Press the Reports and Exports button at the bottom of the Recipes screen
      Select Export data
      Select all of the recipes (so that they say Export with a tick next to them)
      Select Export recipes from the selector at the top
      Press the Export button.

      This will now open an email with a file attachment called Recipe.rcc

      On you new device open the email
      Select the file attachment and press the Copy to Recipe Cost button.

      This will then import all of the recipes into your new app.

  5. Useful App.
    In the instructions I see that the exports are listed as being .csv files but that appears to have changed to some unrecognisable format now. It works perfectly well exporting existing data from one device to another however I wanted to bulk import ingredients and prices but the new format is unreadable will all other apps.
    Do you have a solution to bulk imports?

    1. Hi Lee, There are two kinds of export, one that exports to CSV, which is down as Stock Report or Recipe Spreadsheet on the export menu, and the other which allows you to export to another device, which is the Recipes and Ingredients exports. The latter one is the one that is in a format recognisable only by the app. I had not previously thought about doing a bulk import, but I can see that it would be useful, so I will look to add that in as soon as I can. It will probably be only for ingredients and their prices.

  6. Very helpful APP.
    Is there a way to manually add the price you wish to sell an item, instead of a markup

    1. Hi Genn,

      I’m sorry, at the moment there isn’t, but I will look into adding it when I get a moment. Would this be for when you are printing out the invoice, or for some other place?

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