Privacy Policy

Stored data

Applications created by AlldayApps Ltd do not send back any personal data to any servers held or controlled by AlldayApps.

The following applications can be used to share user created content between users, but this content is shared directly between users, and does not go via any servers.

  • LineLearner (users can share scripts)
  • Spy Gizmos (users can send messages)
  • Come Get Me (message sent to mobile via txt)
  • Snow Creator (snow picture shared)
  • Fab Phonics (user created audio packs can be shared)

The following app allows a user to log in, and stores user credentials

  • Games Night Planner

The following apps communicate directly with each other as part of the game play/interaction.

  • Duelling Tanks
  • Light Chaser

The Worktracker app allows you to submit comments and photos that are stored on a server for your building company, and will not be used outside of the company. Any replies to memos that you submit will be viewable by all managers unless the manager who sent it has marked it as private.

The StageSounds app shares no data at all.

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy please feel free to get in touch via the contact page.

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