LineLearner version 5.3

  •  Fixed some issues relating to the loading of PDF files.

LineLearner version 5.0

  •  Changed look and feel to one for iOS 7.
  • Added ability to load in PDF files.

LineLearner version 4.0

  •  Added ability to copy files between iOS devices using bluetooth connections

LineLearner version 3.4

  •  Fix for ios5 which stopped it from playing back when screen was locked

LineLearner version 3.3

  •  Fix for problem with multiple blank scenes at the start of a script

LineLearner version 3.2

  •  Fix for single blank scene at start of script

LineLearner version 3.1

  •  Improved saving and recovery

LineLearner version 3.0

More new functionality added due to feedback from a number of customers.  These include:

  • You can now have more than one script at a time
  • Ability to quickly re-record a line from the record screen
  • You can control playback using the play/pause on the headphones
  • Ability to increase the length of the gap up to twice the recorded size
  • Recover recorded lines if LineLearner crashed
  • More frequent save points

A big thank you to all those who have made suggestions for its improvements.  Some improvements made it into this version, and some have had to wait until a later version.

LineLearner version 2.0

Added loads of new functionality due to feedback from a customer.  These include:

  •  Added an optional index for quick link to scenes
  •  Added the ability to play a line after a gap
  •  Added the ability to automatically pausing lines after a gap
  •  Added the ability to loop around a single line
  •  Added the ability to re-record line from line edit screen

LineLearner version 1.1

  • Changed the executable so that it was compatible with iPhones and iPods from version 3.0 as opposed to version 3.1.3 which the original LineLearner had set.
  •  Changed the insertion point of new audio so that it inserted it after the current line.

LineLearner version 1.0

  • Initial release version

LineLearner lite

LineLearner lite version 2.0

  •  Lite version of version 2.0 of the main app.

LineLearner lite version 1.0

  •  Initial release version.  Same code base as LineLearner 1.1 but with a limit in the number of lines that can be recorded.

Are we nearly there yet

Are we nearly there yet version 2.1

  •  A few minor fixes

Are we nearly there yet version 2.0

  • Increased the number of things to spot at one time to 3
  • Gave different options for country, town and motorway travel.
  • Also changed to be a free app funded by advertising.

Are we nearly there yet version 1.1

  •  Slight change so that the map works with ios 4.2, and correcting the length of the great wall of china.

Are we nearly there yet version 1.0

  •  Initial release version.

 Bomb Timer

Bomb Timer version 1.3

  • iOS 5 issues fixed

Bomb Timer version 1.2

  • Fixed an issue with the iPad rotation and the fuse

Bomb Timer version 1.1

  • Improved performance on older iPhones

Bomb Timer version 1.0

  •  Initial release version.

 Spy Gizmos

Spy Gizmos version 1.3

  •  Fixed an iOS 5 change that caused the camera not to take photos of Agents

Spy Gizmos version 1.2

  •  Enhanced memory management during intruder detection

Spy Gizmos version 1.1

  •  Fix for problems with iOS 5

Spy Gizmos version 1.0

  •  Initial release version.

 Come Get Me

Come Get Me version 2.1

  •  Changed the splash screen

Come Get Me version 2.0

  •  Changed to an Ad based and added the ability to set location on a map

Come Get Me version 1.0

  •  Initial release version.

Light Chaser

Light Chaser version 1.0

  •  Initial release version

Duelling Tanks

Duelling Tanks version 2.2

  •  Made some changes to make it work with iOS 7

Duelling Tanks version 2.0

  •  Changes to the controls

Duelling Tanks version 1.0

  •  Initial release version

 Snow Creator

Snow Creator version 1.3

  •  Fixed a few issues with orientation and text size in iOS 7

Snow Creator version 1.2

  •  Fixed issues relating to iOS 7

Snow Creator version 1.1

  •  Fixed a few issues with orientation and text size

Snow Creator version 1.0

  •  Initial release version

 Yacht Racer’s Mate

Yacht Racer’s Mate version 1.2

  •  Made fixes which had prevented you being able to add a buoy in iOS 7

Yacht Racer’s Mate version 1.0

  •  Initial release version

 Recipe Costing Calculator

Recipe costing calculator version 2

  • Added stock control
  • Added more accurate pricing when using cup measurements on ingredients purchased by weight
  • Added searching on ingredients
  • Added export of reports
  • Added creation and printing of shopping lists

Recipe costing calculator version 1.2

  •  Added some Australian measures

Recipe costing calculator version 1.0

  •  Initial release version

PhotoSpot WDW

PhotoSpot WDW version 1.0

  •  Initial release version
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