Audition Pro Quick Start Guide

Audition Pro starts with a script already created for you, and a couple of characters in that script, we can get started by recording some lines and then the video.


Go to the recording screen by pressing the record tab


If you have a cue line recordit by pressing on the Record Them button,recordthem

otherwise start by recording your line using the Record Me button.


You can stop recording by either pressing the same button again, or by pressing the other recording button, which will stop that line and start recording the next line.


Keep recording all the lines for you and other parts until you get to the end of the audition scene (or at least your part in it).

If you make a mistake then just select the line, and press the microphone button on that line to re-record it.micenabled


Or you can delete the line by swiping from right to left on the line (Swipe to delete needs to be turned on in the menu at the top).

If your audition video has multiple scenes then press the new scene button to create a new scene and record your next scene.



Once you have recorded all the lines you can now record the video.

Note: If you can record the audio close to the microphone, or use an external microphone you will get less noise in the recording


Press the Video tab to go to the Video screen.helpvideo


If you pull down the menu from the top (the three lines in the top right corner) you will see the following menu items, more about these can be found in the Controls guide.

  • Gap control – Timed gaps | Controlled gaps
  • Camera – Front|Back
  • Quality – High | Medium | Low
  • Use flash
  • Adjust timed gap size

Video recording controls

Initially you will see two lists, and three buttons. The list on the left contains the scenes that you have to record, and the list on the right contains recordings that you have made already. The buttons are for rehearsing, recording and playing back your video.

If you just recorded a single scene of audio then you will see in the Scene to record list the options Record ALL scenes and Record Scene 1 (if Scene 1 was the name of your scene). When you have just a single scene it doesn’t matter which one you pick, but if you have to record more than one scenes when you audition then you can choose to video them all in one go, or do it individually by scene.


When you hit the rehearse button it will play the audio as if you were recording, and you will see the video on the screen, but it will not record anything.


Pressing the record button will give you a 3 second countdown and will then start recording. It will play the audio lines that are not yours, depending on how you have selected to play it in the menu, and will record that audio and your audio and video.


If you select a recorded video from the recorded list and then press play it will open a full screen video player to allow you to play it back so you can see how you did.

You can delete a recorded video by swiping from right to left on it, and pressing the Delete button

Stopping the video

If you are using the timed method of playing back lines then it will stop the video when it gets to the end of the last piece of audio, whether this is you or them. If you are using a controller to move onto the next line, then it will stop recording once you have moved passed the last recording.


Now you have your audition videoed you can export it and send it to the director to get the part. Go to the export tab.


Here you will see the list of videos that you have filmed, as well as how long it is, and how large the file is. You can view each video by pressing the play button on the line of the video.

To export a video just select it and then choose how you want to export it. Your options are:-

  • Export it to another app for file sharing or editing
  • Export it to the apple Photos app
  • Send it to someone via email Note: Your email may not be able to cope with large files, so you may need to share them via Dropbox or similar


You can create a new script for each audition by typing in the name of the script and pressing the ‘Create Script’ button.

This will create a basic script for you with two characters. You can go into the script by pressing the info button, and that will allow you to change characters, edit the scenes, move the lines around, and share the scripts with your fellow actors if you want to. You can also export the script from Audition Pro and import it into LineLearner if you want to rehearse you part before recording it.

If you receive a script from LineLearner, another actor or agency you will need to go to the Character page of that script to set yourself up as the character you are auditioning for by pressing on the Star next to your part.

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