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Date: 5/06/2014

Contact: Peter Allday, +44 (0)7941

How can you take better vacation photos at Walt Disney World?

For everyone visiting Walt Disney World this summer who wants to go home with great photos there is now the PhotoSpotWDW app to help you.

Chichester, UK – PhotoSpotWDW is now available on iOS and Android to help you take the vacation photos that you have always dreamed of. No longer will you need to be satisfied with photos that pale in comparison to those taken by professionals. The PhotoSpotWDW app shows you where to go, when, and tells you all you need to know to take the perfect photo.

“I was really frustrated by continually returning from my holiday at Disney World with photos that were second rate. I would look at them and look at other photos on-line and ask myself ‘Why couldn’t my photos be more like that?’. So, rather than sit around and complain I found the best Disney World photos that I could on the web, taken by Bill Sferrazza, and approached him to see if he could help me create an app to show me and everyone out there how to take great photos like his. He agreed and PhotoSpotWDW is the result.” said Peter Allday of AlldayApps.

The PhotoSpotWDW app features photographs taken by Bill around Walt Disney World, gives detailed information on where they were taken, with map location, as well as when and how. It also offers camera setting information and post-processing tips for the more adventurous.

The free app is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, so that everyone can take advantage of Bill’s knowledge and experience and go home with photos they can be proud of on their first visit.

More information about the PhotoSpotWDW app can be found on the AlldayApps website at and the app itself can be download from the Apple app store at the link

and from the Google Play store at

AlldayApps Ltd.
Company No. 08942086

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Recipe Costing Calculator Press Release

Date: 31/05/2014

Contact: Peter Allday, +44 (0)7941

Recipe costing calculator version 2 released by AlldayApps Ltd.

The new version of the iPad app Recipe costing calculator is now available for download from the Apple app store.

Chichester, UK – The Recipe costing calculator provides a quick and easy way for catering professionals and amateurs to quickly work out the cost of their recipes. The app allows the user to enter ingredients and their cost.  When inputting recipes the cost of each ingredient is displayed, as well as the total cost of the recipe, and cost per portion. If required they can enter a markup percentage to help with charging.

“With the Recipe costing calculator we aim to help Chefs, Caterers, Bakers and keen amateurs to be able to quickly and easily determine the true cost of their recipes. The app was originally developed to help people cooking for charities know how much to charge for their baked goods, and has grown from there to have a broad appeal across the industry” said Peter Allday of AlldayApps.

In this release the app has targeted features required by small businesses, adding the ability to keep track of stock, create reports and shopping lists as well as adding the ability to put a markup on the cost of each recipe. Following customer feedback from the first version of the app we have also added usability features such as ingredient search and easier editing of ingredients.

The first version of the app was well received by small businesses, gaining the following feedback from customers: “I just started using your app for my small business and I think it’s great”.

More information about the Recipe costing calculator app can be found on the AlldayApps website at and the app itself can be download from the Apple app store at the link

AlldayApps is a small family run app development company specializing in apps for individuals and small businesses.

AlldayApps Ltd.

Company No. 08942086

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