LineLearner hall of fame

If you use LineLearner then please let me know, as I would love to add you to this hall of fame listing who is using it for which part in what production.  So, just contact me, or comment on this page with the three W’s (who, which & what) and I will add you to the list.

Susan Molenda is working with a hilarious bunch of ladies and two funny men in “The Yentas Wear Red Hats”, a comedy by Art Shulman, which will run for six weeks in November and December at The Secret Rose, North Hollywood, CA

Phil Kuzmanovic is currently learning the part of Lago in Othello.

George Garrigues is playing Claude Pichon in “The Dinner Party” by Neil Simon.

Mark is playing Estragon in Waiting for Godot

Sally Hughes is using to for Abigail’s Party at The London Theatre, New Cross.

Llewella Gideon is using LineLearner for her part in Casualty.

Eve Baker is Ruth in Blithe Spirit with the D’Urbeville Amateur Dramatic Society.

Gregg Wolff is in “Time Stands Still” at San Luis Obispo Little Theatre.

Sam Hope-Evans is currently playing Sharpie in the Teddington Theatre Club’s Alfie and has used it for King Lear and My boy Jack.

Grant Byington is playing Calianax in the Northwest Classical Theatre Company’s performance of The Maids’ Tragedy (by Beaumont and Fletcher) … directed by RSC veteran Barry Kyle.

Peter Allday (me) played Pike in Walberton Players Dad’s Army production.

Brendan Amesbury played Fraser in Walberton Players Dad’s Army production.


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